Harpeth Digital
We know you will absolutely love our products and services and look forward to assisting you with your business. However, you’re fully protected by a 100% money-back guarantee In the First 7 Days.  If you are dissatisfied at any time during the first 7 days after purchase, simply delete all digital video, audio, and text files you obtained from us, and ask for a full refund by e-mailing us at support@businesscapsolutions.com . You will get your money back and that’s the way our company operates.
If you are past 7 days we can work with you on case by case situation and glad to assist you. Please contact us at support@businesscapsolutions.com or Send your written refund requests by first class postal mail to:
Business Cap Solutions LLC
555 Marriott Drive Suite 315 Nashville, TN 37214, United States
To serve you and others better in the future, we request (but do not require) that you tell us why you want a refund. We want satisfied customers
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